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Nagara Kovils (Nine Temples)
The Nagarathars are classified on the basis of 9 temples called "Nagara Kovils" (Temples of Lord Shiva). They are further classified into sub divisions called pirivu. Each member of the temple is called Pulli.

A marriage between two Nagarathar families can be solemnized only after getting wedding garlands (Kovil Maalai ) from the respective kovil to which the bride, as well as groom belongs. After the wedding, the couple becomes a full pulli in groom's temple and recognized as a bonafide member of Nagarathar Community.
Thus the pulli systsem is a kovil based registration of all nagarathar's marriage. Either widow or widower is considered as half pulli (Arai pulli). This is unique for Nagarathar community only. The pulli system is helpful in calculating the exact population of the nagarathar community.

Below are the details of the 9 Nagara Kovils.
1. Ilayatrankudi Kovil
God: Kailasanathar
Goddess: Nithya Kalyani
Pirivu: 1. Okkur udaiyar
2. Pattinasamiyar
3. Peru maruthur udaiyar
4. Kazhani vasal udaiyar
5. Kinkini Kooru udaiyar
6. Pera senthur udaiyar
7. Siru sethur udaiyar
  1. This kovil was the first established clan temple.
  2. It was the resting place of God and it stands for
               Elaippu : Tiredness
               Attru : Removal
               Kudi : Place
  3. The seven pirivus will do marriage with other pirivu of the same kovil and also with other kovils.
Phone: 04577-265221
2. Mathur
God: Innutreeswarar
Goddess: Periyanayaki
Pirivu: 1.Uraiyur udaiyar
2.Arumbakkur udaiyar
3. Mannur udaiyar
4. Manalur udaiyar
5. Kannur udaiyar
6. Karuppur udaiyar
7. Kulathur udaiyar
Notes: None
Phone: 04565-231862
3. Irani Kovil
God: Aatkonda Nathar
Goddess: Sivapuran Devi
Pirivu: None
  1. This kovil has got its name as Lord Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva after killing Iraniyan.
  2. This Kovil is famous for its architectural marvel.
  3. This kovil treats pillayarpatti as brother and so they don't do marriages with them.
4. Nemam Kovil
God: Jayamkonda Sholeeswarar
Goddess: Soundara Nayaki
Pirivu: None
Notes: 1. Niyamam means set of rules.
Phone: 04577-281269
5. Pillayarpatti

Marudheesar (a) Thiruveesar - Karpaga Pillayar

Goddess: Vaada malar mangai (a) sivakami
Pirivu: None
  1. This is the kudavari kovil (constructed and carved inside the rock).
  2. This kovil treats Eraniyur as brother and so they do not have marriage relation with them.
Phone: 04577-264240
6. Illuppakkudi Kovil
God: Thanthondreeswarar
Goddess: Soundara Nayaki
Pirivu: None
  1. This region was filled with Iluppai trees.
  2. Lord Shiva(Lingam) is a Suyambu(Natural).
  3. Lord Bhairavar is a special deity here.
Phone: 04565-221810
7. Soorakkudi Kovil
God: Desika Nathar
Goddess: Aavudaiya Nayaki
Pirivu: None
  1. Asura sooran worshipped here.
  2. Sooriyan (Sun) Venerating here.
  3. Soorai trees grown in abundance in this area.
  4. Amman has got 4 hands and 3 eyes
Phone: 04565-283875
8. Vairavan Kovil
God: Valar Oli Nathar
Goddess: Vadivudai Ammai
Pirivu: 1.Sirukulathur Kudiyar
   a) Periya Vaguppu
   b) Thaiyanar Vaguppu
   c) Pillayar Vaguppu
2. Kazhani vassal Kudiyar
3. Marutheinthira puram udaiyar
  1. They don't do Inter pirivu marriages.
  2. Vairava theertham - a sacred spring has miraculous power.
  3. Lord Bhairavar is a special deity here.
Phone: 04577-264327
9. Velankudi Kovil
God: Kandeeswarar
Goddess: Kamatchi Amman
Pirivu: None
  1. This Kovil got its name because it was surrounded by Vela trees earlier.
  2. It is said that curse made the number of pullis very limited.