Vijayadasami (Maharnonbu)
Start Date:   Sep 30, 17
End Date:   Sep 30, 17
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The tenth day i.e. DASAMI is considered a day of victory as it signifies the day Sakthi slays the demon. It signifies the victory of good over evil. VIJAYADASAMI is a day to begin new ventures, be it business or education etc. as it is an auspicious day and assures one of success.

On Vijayadasami, toddlers are taught their first alphabet and some of them are admitted to school on this day to commence their formal education. Formal training in music, dance and other art forms are invariably commenced only on Vijayadasami.

Vijayadasami is also the day to honour one's teacher.

In our Nagarathar community, Ambu Poduthal will be celebrated in temples.