Navarathri Vizhaa
Start Date:   Sep 21, 17
End Date:   Sep 30, 17
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Navarathiri means nine nights. Sakthi is worshipped in all her nine forms.

According to Hindu mythology, a very powerful Asura-demon king Mahishasuran prayed to the almighty and asked for a boon - that his death should at the hands of a woman and by no other human being or any form of living being.

On being granted his wish, he started inflicting atrocities on all human beings on the earth. He considered himself to be immortal as he thought that it was impossible for a woman or any female form of a human being to be powerful enough to kill him.

When his cruelty became unbearable, people prayed to Sakthi the consort of Lord Shiva to save them from the demon and to provide them with salvation. Sakthi then took the form of Durga and slayed the demon.

The fight between Durga and Mahishasuran is said to have lasted for nine days and nights.

The period of nine days and nights when Goddess Durga fought the Asura is celebrated as Navarathiri in Tamilnadu. The Goddess is worshipped during these nine days and nights as it signifies the fight of the good over evil.