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Interview With Thiru Alamelu Vairavan

Alamelu Vairavan, a native of  Kandanur, lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Over the past several years, she has developed a passion to promote healthful cooking and eating to the American public using spices, legumes and Indian cooking techniques. Alamelu has co-authored several cookbooks, with Dr. Patricia Marquardt. Her recent cookbook titled,” Healthy South Indian Cooking-Expanded Edition” - was published in 2008 by Hippocrene Books, N.Y. Alamelu has also published a cookbook in India titled, “Chettinad Kitchen-Food and Flavors from South India” (2011, TATA-Westland, New Delhi). 

In 2010, Alamelu hosted her own TV program series titled, “Healthful Indian Flavors with Alamelu” on Milwaukee Public Television. Also a culinary educator, Alamelu offers classes teaching the public easy ways to prepare and enjoy healthful foods using legumes and spices. Her classes are offered through hospital and university and community outreach programs. 

Her books and recipes have been featured in magazines and newspapers including USA Today, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Enquirer, Los Angeles Times, Wisconsin Woman, India Today and India Abroad. Los Angeles Times has referred to her recipes as, “coconut-infused curries, brilliant vegetable dishes”, and has noted “what could be complex becomes relatively simple in Vairavan’s approach”.

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See below a few personal images shared by Thiru Alamelu Vairavan

Family: With Husband Vairavan and Daughter Valli and Twin Grandsons. 

Alamelu Vairavan @ Barnes and Noble Book store for book signing and cooking demonstration

A few books of Alamelu Vairavan

With the Shoot Crew of MPTV (Milwaukee Public Television)

Alamelu Vairavan Website -